Happy Holidays!

The holidays are always so crazy! I’m almost done with my 13-day-in-a-row streak at my job, and I’m definitely excited to have some time off. The holiday season is always very hectic, and very demanding. Even still, I am glad that I was able to squeeze some time in to decorate my apartment this year (my kitchen is super cute!), as well as get Ruby July moving forward. I have a good break from work over the next two weeks, and I’m excited to do some more research into the project, as well as get some designs going! Can’t make any prints without any designs, now can we? Anyway, I thought I would write a quick post to update things a bit, and let everyone know that there will be a lot more

Well, hello there.

Oh, hey. Hello! My name is Jessica, and it’s great to meet you. This is officially the beginning of Ruby July, a fine art and design studio. But first, a little bit about me. I’m a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. I moved to Minneapolis upon graduation, and have been stuck in a full-time-job kind of rut. I’ve been looking to put my talents (and degree… sigh) to good use, and slowly warmed up to the idea of creating my own side business. So here we are, and here is Ruby July. My goal was to primarily design and create custom screen prints, for a variety of needs. Initially, I enjoyed the thought of creating them as birth or wedding announcements. Now, my once-dormant-b

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