Pinterest Find of the Week: Seven Swans Stationery Studio

Alright. So usually when I think of stationery companies, I just think of a company that sells pretty paper. When I came across Seven Swans Stationery Studio from Cape Town, South Africa, I thought it might be some of the same. I was wrong. These guys don't just sell paper, but they straight-up create. Looking through their samples on their website, I fell in love with nearly everything I had seen. Their invitations are incredible--each one is thought out and executed perfectly, and some are even the product of collaboration with other artists and designers. Here is the initial pin that I came across: I really enjoyed the choice of colors they used, as well as the owl illustration and

Well, That Was Fun.

Due to a set of two rather intense storms that rolled through the Twin Cities on Friday, I was one of the lucky 450,000 to lose power Friday night. Saturday, I was one of the lucky 250,000 to STILL not have power. Now it's down to some 75,000 people without power, but I AM NOT ONE OF THEM!! HOORAY!!!! It was actually kind of an interesting test to see how dependent I was on technology and electricity. Friday night wasn't too bad- I grabbed The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling, and started reading. Being without light was fine, I just lit a bunch of candles and sat in a partial state of fear knowing if I knocked one over, my apartment would erupt in flames. Alas, it did not, and I am still al

Pinterest Find of the Week: Steve Simpson

This week, we have a Monday post, solely because I was too lazy over the weekend to get around to posting last night. Whoops! Even still, I came across some pretty great stuff for this week. Mostly, I leaned towards finding exceptional illustrations, and I found just that in Steve Simpson's work. Even from his main logo on his website, I could tell that this man has talent. Looking at little more around the site, I quickly discovered my positive opinion was not left alone. He has dozens of awards, and has worked with many well-known clients, from 7-up to Guinness, and everything in between. Steve specializes in packaging, advertising and children's books, and his designs have a very creati

Pinterest Find of the Week: Botanical Paperworks

For my first Pinterest Find of the Week, I came across this pin from a company called Botanical Paperworks in Manitoba, Canada. I liked this pin for a variety of reasons. The illustration is beautiful in its simplicity, and the colors chosen blend well together. The packaging is clean and very pleasing to the eye. This is something I would love to receive as a gift. I clicked through to their website to find this design is actually printable (and free!), which I liked. Then I discovered this company not only has printable designs, but plantable as well. This was something I had heard of before, but had never actually seen. And I think it's amazing. Botanical Paperworks offers a wide ran

A New Start

Ok, it's more of a new idea. I just wanted to make a reference to Arrested Development. ANYWAY! To make this website a little more entertaining (alright, probably a lot more entertaining), I thought I would start a new weekly project. As my designs have fallen a little into the background, I wanted to bring something fresh to the site. I'm ramping up my Pinterest boards, and finding inspiration from a lot of the pins I'm finding. It's amazing how useful Pinterest can be. You're immersed in pretty much everything imaginable, and it's like an information overload that I love to be a part of. Instead of simply repinning something I like, I tend to actually click through to the home website

Time for Another Update

Whoops. It's clearly been awhile since my last update, huh? I've still been busy working on my design portfolio, so that's taken up a lot of my free time. Although, as of late, I've just been lazing around and (re)watching the new season of Arrested Development. Can't keep all of my Anns in one basket, now can I? Gotta spread out my time between a few things. I have just a few pages left on the website to update, and then it should be pretty much set. I'd like to also get a paper portfolio designed and updated, but I'm thinking it should be easy once I have all of the information in place from the website. Whew. Other than that, there really hasn't been a whole lot to update. After my po

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