The Fine Art of Being Rejected & Other Non-Sensical Mumblings

So guys, rejection sucks. But obviously, that's not really news to anyone. Here's the deal. I've been applying for a few graphic design jobs here and there, and I seem to keep running into the same final result: rejection. Now, it's one thing if it's for a position you know you're under-qualified for from the beginning, but you figured "Hey, why not?". It's another thing entirely if it's for a company you already work for, and it's an internal position. Now try that twice. Super fun, right?! It seems like so many of the jobs available in my area demand more experience than most people would consider entry-level. Maybe it's just me, but when I hear entry-level, I think "straight out of co

Happy All of the Holidays!

Hey all! I just wanted to get in one final, quick post before the majestic 2013 comes to an end. This year has brought a lot of laughter, a lot of loss, and a lot of everything in between. Overall, it was a year of complete personal growth and change. I've learned who my true friends really are, as well as those who just ended up being there when they wanted to be. While that circle of friends has gotten quite a bit smaller, I'm still very satisfied and I have no regrets about those who have fallen behind. I've definitely gotten more into the mindset of thinking for myself, and also in finding a better balance in spending effort on myself and on others. Career-wise, I feel like things

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