The Last Day

Inevitably, the last day at my job has come. The day was kind of a somber one; those of us that were left have kind of been going through the motions for the last few weeks. Some of my coworkers are staying through the end of the month, so at most an additional two days of work. It would be interesting to see how that would be, as many of us have already left. I held up pretty well though, all things considering, and I tried to push it to the back of mind as much as possible. It's hard to accept that I will never see some of them again, as we are all splitting up and moving across the country. Those I've grown closest to I truly hope to keep in contact with and see often. I was also ab

The Last Two Weeks + Rebranding

Hey everyone! I have two more weeks left at my current job, and there's definitely been a lot of mixed feelings. On one hand, I'm excited that I'll have a bit of time off and then hopefully jump right into a new job and get some fresh experiences. On the other hand, I'm still terrified that things won't work out. I'm doing my best to keep this thought as small as possible in the back of my mind. :) Working in the stationery industry has been amazing, and I'm truly sad to have to leave. I am definitely grateful for the experience, and I've discovered that I really enjoy designing stationery items so I'm hopeful to continue in some capacity in the future. That being said, I'm probably go

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