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"Many of life's failures
are people who did not
realize how close
they were to success
when they gave up."
-Thomas Edison


This quote is hand-typed on 4x6 cardstock with a vintage 1960s Olivetti Lettera typewriter. Because all items are handmade, no two will be exactly the same! There may be slight variations in ink coverage and text placement from what you see in the product photos, due to the wonderfully unique nature of typewritten text. 

Thomas Edison Print

  • You can choose between the three paper color options photographed: White, Cream, and Kraft. Please select your paper choice from the Paper Color menu when placing your order.

  • These vibrant frames add a pop of color to any area when displayed in your home or office! Color Burst Frames come in five color options: Black, Blush Pink, Magenta, Teal, and Crimson. If you would like to include this frame with your print, please select your color choice out of the five Color Burst Frame options in the Framing menu. 

    If you do not want to include a frame, and only would like to purchase the hand-typed print, just select "No frame, thanks!" from the Framing menu.

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