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Pinterest Find of the Week: Seven Swans Stationery Studio

Alright. So usually when I think of stationery companies, I just think of a company that sells pretty paper. When I came across Seven Swans Stationery Studio from Cape Town, South Africa, I thought it might be some of the same. I was wrong. These guys don't just sell paper, but they straight-up create. Looking through their samples on their website, I fell in love with nearly everything I had seen. Their invitations are incredible--each one is thought out and executed perfectly, and some are even the product of collaboration with other artists and designers. Here is the initial pin that I came across:

Seven Swans Stationery Studio

I really enjoyed the choice of colors they used, as well as the owl illustration and especially the typography. I think sometimes a clean typographic layout is difficult for designers to master, and here, Seven Swans excels. It's something that often gets overlooked, but they placed just the right amount of emphasis on the right information. I noticed this, and appreciated it. Looking through their website, I discovered they have worked with everything from designing wedding websites to laser cut invitations (whaaat?!). I think that's pretty awesome. It's easy to see that Seven Swans gives each client an impressive amount of attention and care. They design invitations that are simple and stunning, all at the same time. The typography is bold and beautiful. And more importantly, each design is unique. Their clients are getting exactly what they want, and more. If Seven Swans Stationery Studio impresses you as much as they impress me, check out their website here. They also work with clients that don't happen to be in South Africa, so they are able to reach a very broad clientele. Look into them, you definitely will be glad you did!

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