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Fourth of July

Today is July 4th. To most Americans, it's Independence Day or the 4th of July. To me, it's the best holiday ever. I've always loved this time of year, and even today it remains one of my favorites. I think it's a great time to be patriotic and proud of what this country has become, and really, I just absolutely love fireworks. The past few years I haven't been able to get the chance to see as many of them, but it's always something I enjoy watching. You just lay back in the grass and stare towards the sky, and there's this wonderful, larger-than-life fireworks show happening in the clouds above you. That's pure awesome, and I love it so much. If you don't get the chance to see a great fireworks show, there's still always sparklers! Gotta give these guys some loving, too. Just be careful not to burn yourself! :)

This year, I'm also looking at today as another push to take control of my life. It's an independence from the daily routine that so many of us find ourselves in. This year is all about change and progress, and it's rolling along towards more positive things. If bad things happen, you don't let it derail you, you let it make you stronger. 2013 is already halfway done, and it's completely flown by. But I think during even the past six months, I've made more of a effort in myself, than I have throughout my whole life. It's a great thing, and even though I'm not where I want to be quite yet, I'm definitely proud in knowing I've determined something needs to change, and I'm making progress to get there. Any progress at all is a good thing. All it takes is one step in the right direction, to keep moving forward. Keep stepping, keep moving, and you'll get there eventually. And hopefully, you be able to gather some good stories along the way! :) So, here's to Independence. Here's to the final half of 2013. And here's to July, the best month with the best holiday (and my birthday, wee!). After all, this is Ruby July, guys. July is my turning point towards a great future. Let's see how the rest of this year goes! Make yours the best it can be, too! :D

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