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Pinterest Find of the Week: Alex Register

Alright, we're back at it. After a lengthy bout of laziness and some employment rejection (hooray... :/ ), we are back at it with the Pinterest Find of the Week. Since I didn't do one last week, this one just so happened to work out to split into two lovely posts. Here we go! So I did some perusing today, and came across this pin, by designer Alex Register:

Alex Register

I liked the retro kind of vibe it was giving off, and the simple, clean design style. As usual, I clicked through to Alex's website, where I discovered even more great design. He has everything from wedding invites (his own!) to screenprints (love!), and even a giant 4x8 foot woodcut print.

Alex Register

Yes, 4x8 FEET. Huge. Either way, I gotta love me some of that Midwest. :)I liked Alex's style with all of his work. It is all very clean and precise, which I appreciate as a designer myself. I think sometimes it takes more skill to know when you have enough, than it does to keep adding and adding until you have something totally cluttered that kind of works. I lean towards simplicity, myself, and I am always drawn to this particular style. I think Alex does it extremely well, and I think he's another designer you should definitely check out. Click here to view his website, and check out some of his other work! I did a little more digging, and discovered that he is actually a local artist, and that is AMAZING. I love seeing the work of other creative people in my neighborhood, and this leads me to the next Pinterest Find of the Week: Zeus Jones.

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