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Another Holiday!

Alright, here's another standard holiday post. Seems like that's all I've been doing as of late. Better than nothing, though, right?! Sure! So this time, it's Thanksgiving! I hope all of you are enjoying time with your wonderful families, and filling up on loads and loads of delicious turkey. I get to enjoy my Thanksgiving on Saturday, as five years ago I made the not-so-smart-sometimes decision to move five hours away from home. Since I have to be in the cities for work tomorrow, my family tends to push our "holidays" around a little bit. So I spent today cleaning, as is my Thanksgiving tradition (fun, right?), and packing up to go home for the first time in over two months. Thanksgiving is also that one day a year where everyone is supposed to say what they're thankful for. While this is a good thing, I don't really understand why people don't do this every day. It's like Valentine's Day- is that the only day you should be showing love for your significant other and your family? I don't think it should be, but maybe that's just me. :) Anyway, to fall into this tradition, I do hope everyone takes a moment of time today to be thankful for what they have. Even though life sometimes deals us a shitty hand, there are always things to be thankful for. It's as simple as being thankful for the roof over your head, and the food on your table. Things like that, that so many of us forget are actually something to be thankful for, are things that some people don't even have. I know I sometimes get caught up in life too much to remember that I do have a lot to be thankful for, and I suppose it is nice to step back and see that every now and then. Maybe we should all try to get in the habit of doing that more than once a year, huh? ;) Hope you all had a great day! Happy Thanksgiving!

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