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Things in Motion

Summer's almost over, and I've spent the last few weeks really ramping up in preparation for launching my Etsy store. It's been a lot of little things coming together, but things have been in motion and I'm excited to finally be able to offer my designs and art to the world. I'm planning to just start out with offering hand-typed quotes that I typed with my vintage typewriter. I found it a few years back at a thrift store, and honestly just thought it was a neat little suitcase at first. I opened it up to find a beautiful little typewriter inside, and it was in great condition so I bought it right away.

To go along with the hand-typed quotes, I wanted to provide a few framing options so that people would be able to just purchase a finished product and it would be perfectly ready to pass off as a gift. This has involved a lot of mini-photoshoots in my living room, which has also helped me get more familiar with my new camera.

Below is a framed print option, and a sneak peek of what you'll be able to find on Etsy! I'll be sure to post an update to let everyone know when the shop is live.

I've also been trying to figure out a good way to offer stationery and wedding suites for purchase. This is probably going to take a bit more time, so I'm just focusing on smaller things first. My plan is to start with the typewriter quotes, continue practicing calligraphy (and hopefully soon offering calligraphed home decor), and finally branch into offering a few downloadable printable options to test the waters a bit with the stationery side of things.

It's nice to have something to keep my mind active, and although at times, it's overwhelming, I'm excited for the prospect of bringing in that side hustle game and hopefully expanding as time goes by.

Besides that, everything has been pretty stable and uneventful. Hamilton is opening in Minneapolis today, and I've got tickets for a date in September, so I'm super excited to be able to see it again. I'm also entering the lottery every day, so fingers crossed I can get a pair of tickets and drag my mom along again. :)

Hope everything is going well for all of you, and I'll check in again soon with updates.

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