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Open for Business

It's alive! I finally opened my Etsy store last Friday, and am so excited that it's up and running. I haven't made any sales yet, and I'm honestly fine with that as figuring out shipping will probably be a work in progress. Everything about the process was a huge learning experience, and I'm grateful that I stuck through with it and have put everything up. I did end up learning a TON about my camera; the first few photoshoots were horribly underexposed and I quickly learned about adjusting the exposure and white balance for a better end result. I'm in love with my camera, and can't wait to see what else I can do with it. I ended up taking four photos of each print, so that potential customers can get a feel for what it could look like in different situations, as well as the different paper and frame options I have available. Take a look at everything I'm currently offering by clicking here. Below is a slideshow of one of the print sets, which is a good feel for how the rest of the shop works. (Also, say hello to my lovely little succulent, Edison, whom I haven't killed yet. Hooray!)

My plan is to continue adding different quotes to the shop, to create more of a variety in selection. I'd also be thrilled to make custom orders, so I'm excited for people to start seeing what I offer and create more visibility. In other news, one of my good friends got engaged recently, and she asked me to do the calligraphy for her invitation envelopes! I'm confident that my skills will be up to par by the time she needs them done, and I'm very much looking forward to setting up a legit workspace area in my apartment. I have a desk in mind, and I can't wait to get everything in place and help boost my creativity and workflow. I saw Hamilton last month, and it was as amazing as it was the first time. I didn't win the lottery, but the friends I took with me to the show both really enjoyed it. If the news is correct, and the tour will be hitting Wisconsin next year, you can bet your butt I'll be at one of those shows, too! Today also happens to be my one-year anniversary at my current job, and it honestly doesn't feel like it's been that long. I'm still so thankful that things fell into place when they did, and something decent came out of the shitstorm that was last year. I'm infinitely more comfortable in the position than I was when I began, and it's helped me learn and grow my confidence as a designer. The past year was great, and I'm excited to see what will happen next. Until next time!

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