Self Improvement

It's really strange for me to be thinking so much about my own personal growth. I've never really thought as much about it, until now. I think most of my life I just really went with the flow. I tried to control things here and there, but I'm at the point now where I'm just done with waiting. It doesn't make sense to me anymore to sit around and wait for what I want. I think this year, I've definitely been in more of a "take it and it can be yours" kind of mentality. And I think it's working. I'm still very focused on Ruby July, and every day I'm working towards that goal a little bit more. I have no idea as to how successful it could be, or what its staying power might be, but that do

Houston, We Have a Logo.

After a couple weeks of tweaking, and changing typefaces, I've decided on a logo. Actually, I decided on the logo awhile ago, BUT I'm sharing it with the world now. Meet the official logo for Ruby July: Well, what do you think?! Instead of making even more unnecessary tweaks and just not making a decision, I think we'll go with it. And I'm pretty happy with it. I have some fun ideas in the works right now, especially for a little special addition to my shipping packages. I've placed orders for materials for that, and am very much looking forward to getting that started. My first priority is to get everything figured out on that end, before I even start to think about doing any printing (bu

Ringing in the New Year

Unlike most of the world, I spent my New Year’s Eve by myself. I watched a Walking Dead marathon on AMC for (too many) hours, and crocheted a lot of rows on my afghan. I drank Diet Coke all night, and really only talked to my cat. Okay… maybe sounding a little sad and pathetic, but hang with me, here. Honestly, though, I think it was great. And I wouldn’t have changed it a bit. That’s because 2013 is going to be a year for me. It’s going to be a year for progress and change, and Ruby July now fits perfectly into my plans and goals for my future. For the first time in a long time, I actually have goals for my future. It’s going to be a year for thinking for myself, and doing what I ne

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