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Quick Update!

Howdy! Not a whole lot has been happening on the Ruby July front, as of late. This is mostly due to the day job being a little hectic with sales and overtime. Boo. But! On the positive side, I have been doing some more research and learning (!) solely for the sake of improving my skill-set. It feels weird to be reading from books that would have probably been assigned in college classes, but I kind of like it. I've finished the book I mentioned earlier, and decided to re-read "Thinking with Type" by Ellen Lupton. This book actually was a book assigned to me in college! :) Things are moving a little slower than I initially wanted, but I think it's best so I don't get overwhelmed. I found a great resource last week, and have plans of constructing a storage/screen-dryer/vacuum-table/print-puller contraption. It's a lofty goal, but it should be great on utilizing space, which I have so little of. That, ladies and gents, will be my spring project, and after that, it's printing galore! And now, off I go, for drinks and chatter with a good friend I haven't seen in awhile. Hooray!

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