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Well, That Was Fun.

Due to a set of two rather intense storms that rolled through the Twin Cities on Friday, I was one of the lucky 450,000 to lose power Friday night. Saturday, I was one of the lucky 250,000 to STILL not have power. Now it's down to some 75,000 people without power, but I AM NOT ONE OF THEM!! HOORAY!!!! It was actually kind of an interesting test to see how dependent I was on technology and electricity. Friday night wasn't too bad- I grabbed The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling, and started reading. Being without light was fine, I just lit a bunch of candles and sat in a partial state of fear knowing if I knocked one over, my apartment would erupt in flames. Alas, it did not, and I am still alive and my building is still standing. Saturday, it started to get a little boring. I still kept reading (what else was there really to do?), and the biggest thing that left me feeling uneasy was that my phone was quickly losing charge. If something happened (hello, fire- I'm talking to you!) I would have no way of contacting anyone. I used my phone as sparingly as possible, which meant no games and very little checking Twitter. This was the hardest part, because I used Twitter to get information about the storms and recovery process. That was the part that really left me feeling in the dark (heh...heh...). As Saturday kept dragging by, the pages of my book kept turning, and my food kept getting warmer. Thankfully, I'm too broke to have a full freezer and fridge stocked with deliciously expirable foods, so I wasn't actually going to lose too much. I lit more candles to get through the evening, and went to bed once again, with the sounds of silence (not the awesome Simon & Garfunkel kind, sadly) ringing loud in my head. I woke up today, with a phone battery at 100% full, and I cheered. My thirty hours without power had come to an end. I realized how well I could actually get by without electricity, as long as my phone kept a charge, so I could get information and keep in contact with people as needed. Technology is a big part of my life, and I think if the outage had gone on longer, I might not have kept as sane. I can generally get by just fine by myself, but boredom crept in quickly and definitely tested my patience. It was an interesting weekend, and I am definitely glad to be able to get things done tonight. My PFOTW post should come later tonight, and then I can watch the Mad Men finale and be happy. For now, I just have to get to cleaning out my fridge. :)

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