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Pinterest Find of the Week: Zeus Jones

Alex Register, from my previous post, is a local artist to the Twin Cities area. He works with Zeus Jones, a creative agency located in Minneapolis (literally blocks from my apartment, actually!) that centers around modern branding.

I did a little digging through their website, and I loved it. All of it. With my getting reacquainted to the world of design, it is really refreshing to see what kind of agencies are out there. And for this one to be so close is pretty amazing. THIS is what I wanted to be a part of when I moved to the Twin Cities. You don't find many companies like this in small-town-Wisconsin. They work with big name clients, like Google and Cheerios, and they also work with outside designers. Zeus Jones kind of gives me that large family feel. They have a lot of staff, and they're proud to showcase every one of them, but they also work with a variety of other artists. It's like a huge, wonderful family, that I would love to someday be a part of. Zeus Jones also worked with Tad Carpenter, who is an illustrator that I discovered awhile back. For some failure of a reason, I haven't pinned any of his designs yet, but I do follow him on Twitter. Weird. Anyway, here's a poster he designed as part of a collaborative project for Purina ONE beyOnd®, with other designers and with Zeus Jones.

Zeus Jones - Tad Carpenter

Cats! Dogs! Yes!!! All in all, I really like what Zeus Jones has to offer. They have a great creative team, and a fresh mindset that is so important to have in this wonderful age of social media. And it seems like a really cool place to work. (Methinks I will be creeping around their employment site... hey guys, 'sup? ;) ) So go check out Zeus Jones' website here. While you're at it take a look at their blog here, for tips, links, advice and everything that is definitely worth your time to check out. I will probably be spending the rest of my night browsing and looking around as well. :)

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